Monday, 6 February 2012

A wonderful weekend for crafting

On Saturday, my boy and I locked ourselves in the house, drank lots of tea, and did lots of awesome, creative stuff. He did his awesome drawings, and I did my (not quite as awesome) jewellery!

Things I learnt:
1) Araldite is AMAZZZZZZZING!
2) I am now officially obsessed with buttons
3) Jewellery making is AWESOME!

I've already had some interest from a couple of people about some of the pieces I've made. Don't really feel confident enough to sell them for a lot of money at the moment but it's nice to feel like I could do if I wanted to! Had a little chat with Miss Bliss and brainstormed a few packaging/labelling/branding ideas and have a few cute little thins in the works so that if I ever do feel happy enough to unleash my work on the general public, it will be pacakged all beautiful and whatnot!

Here- have some pictures! <3 xoxo

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