Monday, 6 February 2012

A wonderful weekend for crafting

On Saturday, my boy and I locked ourselves in the house, drank lots of tea, and did lots of awesome, creative stuff. He did his awesome drawings, and I did my (not quite as awesome) jewellery!

Things I learnt:
1) Araldite is AMAZZZZZZZING!
2) I am now officially obsessed with buttons
3) Jewellery making is AWESOME!

I've already had some interest from a couple of people about some of the pieces I've made. Don't really feel confident enough to sell them for a lot of money at the moment but it's nice to feel like I could do if I wanted to! Had a little chat with Miss Bliss and brainstormed a few packaging/labelling/branding ideas and have a few cute little thins in the works so that if I ever do feel happy enough to unleash my work on the general public, it will be pacakged all beautiful and whatnot!

Here- have some pictures! <3 xoxo

Friday, 3 February 2012

More Stuff!

So last night I got my tools and beads out and sat myself down to do some crafting.

I managed to make 4 rings. The first 2 were not quite a success, as the glue didn't harden properly and the front of the ring fell off the base. Think I've managed to remedy this though as the ones I made later and left to set overnight are absolutely perfect. Do think I need to do some more research on glues though, as if the goal of this project is to make rings etc... that are good enough to sell, they need to be perfect. My Tatty Devine book suggest araldite so when my new beads come over the weekend, I'll be going to fetch some of that!

Below are some pictures of last night's endeavours- enjoy!

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Happy February!!!!

So this year, the only kind of 'resolution' I made for myself was to craft more- learn new techniques, work with new mediums and get better at the stuff I can already do. It would seem the fates were on my side as I got a Jewellery making book for Christmas so February is dedicated to the art of jewellery making.
Below are a couple of pictures of my first few creations. Very simple and took me hardly any time at all to make, but I've definitely enjoyed myself. So much so that I've ordered lots more jewellery making goodies online this afternoon and shall mostly be spending my weekend making awesome little things.

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Happy Sunday

Monday's are not my most favourite day but I do like a good Sunday night bath. Enjoy your week and remember- at the end of every week, there's a weekend!

Love, Miss. Charlotte
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Monday, 26 September 2011

Autumn- why are you so cruel?

I love Autumn- its my favourite time of year. I get to get all my blankets out and it gets dark early. Plus I can wear my boots and buy a nice new coat- ooh and knit lots of hats/scarves to keep me warm.
Sadly, Autumn doesn't know how much I love it because not only has it been the time when I got the gnarliest back pain of my life, I now have a cold coming. Full on snot, headache, sinus pain, no sleep, sore throat, bad bad badness.
Let's just hope we get it all out of the way before my birthday

Love, Miss Charlotte
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Monday, 19 September 2011

Since my last post.....

I always said I'd only blog when I had something interesting to blog about. Recently life has been pretty boring- in the best possible way. Lots of love, good food, good company and knitting! Below are pictures of my latest happy customers. I spent most of my weekend knitting these and am very happy with the results! Since we got sky plus installed, I while away the days, watching Buffy and knitting. There aren't enough hours in the day for all the Buffy and knitting I want to fit in!

Love, Miss Charlotte xx
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Usually on a Friday, after a long week at work, I like to take a big glass of red wine into a big bath with me, while Chris cooks. This week, I've moved this ritual to Monday- see evidence below.

Love, Miss. Charlotte
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